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Episode 07: Board Games All Day!

With the largest board gaming convention SPIEL 2015 in Essen, Germany just days away, this week’s episode is all about board games! 

However, first we check in with the guys in “Whatcha Doing?”  This week, Gerald discusses the new Star Wars Novel “Aftermath” having recently finished it, as well as the new Matt Damon flick “The Martian”. We then check in with Jordan, who has been doing a bit of retro-gaming, playing the classic 1999 Adventure PC Game “Longest Journey.” Finally, David talks about the recent premiere of the Daily Show with new host Trevor Noah.

Next, we explore the board games we grew up with as kids (Risk; Monopoly; Mouse Trap; Life; Perfection) and then highlight our current favorites (Dice Masters; Star Wars: Imperial Assault; Cash ‘n Guns; The Resistance; Lords of Waterdeep). 

Then it’s on to some of the exciting new board games releasing at Spiel 2015. We first discuss the exciting cooperative game where you become young apprentice wizards who are trying to defeat the evil monsters that escape from “The Big Book of Madness.” Next, we get ready to steal diamonds from the Godfather’s Cigar Box in “Mafia de Cuba.” Finally, we discuss "Cardline: Marvel" because there are superheroes in it and we love all things superhero!

We also answer a listener’s email who asks who can play James Bond? We then end the show with new segment called “Pitch It.” Here, Jordan pitches an idea for a new comic book character. Listen to see if Gerald and David give it a “thumbs up”!

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