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Episode 09: Star Wars Prequels!

To celebrate the upcoming release of "Episode VII: The Force Awakens," Sit Down Standard looks back and analyzes the Star Wars prequels! We examine the good, bad and ugly from: "The Phantom Menace"; "Attack of the Clones"; and "Revenge of the Sith." We also discuss some of our favorite video games that take place before, during and near the prequel movies (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic; Star Wars: Episode I Racer; and Star Wars: Force Unleashed). We also highlight a unique variant for watching all the Star Wars movies called "The Machete Version" and give our thoughts on what Episode VII could learn from the prequels. 

In “Whatcha Doing” we find out that Gerald is gearing up for the release of Halo 5, by playing all the previous Halo games in the Master Chief Collection, Jordan’s catching up on the new Gotham episodes, while enjoying some retro-gaming (Commander Keen) on his Android phone, and David discusses Goosebumps: The Movie and an exciting new Kickstarter board game called "Publish or Perish!" (

We close the show with Jordan's exciting time/space-traveling "Pitch It" and discuss an amazing letter we received from the great folks at Secret Fun Sauce Games! Check out their amazing new iPad game, "Pizza Obsessed" in the AppStore!

Again, we're excited to be working with the non-profit charity, “1000 Books Before Kindergarten” to help bring awareness to child literacy. The goal is simply to encourage parents to read 1000 books to their newborn, infant or toddler before they reach kindergarten, to promote literacy and parent-child bonding. Check out their website for reading logs, library programs, book lists and much more. 

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